2012 Bonfire Open International Architectural Competition

Papay Gyros Nights Bonfire
The Papay Gyros Nights bonfire represents the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This bonfire burns 15 modules representing the 15 children of the mythical creature Skekla. Every module is cut out of 10mm plywood boards using a CNC mill. After the cut the parts are painted with fireproof paint because they have a structural role. The next step is to bend them to create smaller structures or to follow a specific shape. The parts are joined together using metal screws and nuts that go through pre cut holes so everything fits together like pieces of a puzzle. Inside each module there are two sheaves of fire wood that were soaked in specific chemical solutions so they will burn with a colored flame. The chemical solutions in which the fire wood is pre soaked contain special compounds for every particular color.
The way this structure works and the way it allows air flow thru, controls the fire into a colorful light show. The initial fire is put underneath so the air heats and rises, creating an air flow inside the module. A second flow of air comes thru the module intensifying the fire. Inside the module, the fire lits the fire wood pre soaked in different solutions, so on top of each module a colorful flame jets thru. As the fire intensifies, it lits the long slim parts of the structure and due to the chemical solution inside, white and yellow sparks appear. The special cuts on the side of each module allows to see a glimpse of what is happening inside and creates an interesting shadow show. The fire should be lit in a special hole in the ground and a certain distance should be kept for safety reasons.drawings001 004 013


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