Street Fighter (Seoul 2011 Public Design Competition/ July 2011)

Combining 3 Seoul’s major symbols, results the Street Fighters. They are aluminum structure corian covered figures. Leds are use to illuminate the structure. They are urban toys and landmarks in Seoul’s dense urban tissue. The fighters are placed at street intersections and along pedestrians paths so they can face each other. Passing by the figures you can download an app that allows you to play with the light features of the fighter. You are now engaged in a light fight with other figures. As many people involved the power grows. The game demands collaboration creating social interactions. Street Fighter is a public interactive toy that creates social bindings and urban landmarks. Their connectivity features can be used for light shows, silent disco and other interactive multimedia events that can take place in an urban space. Seoul 2011 Public Design Competition/ July 2011

2011, Fun Public Design Competition Book – with project “Street Fighter”, Seoul, South Korea


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