Piece of Nature (Garden Goes Balcony Competition/ June 2011)

People admire nature, take mental pictures of sceneries and landscapes and wish they could see that every day. What if you could take a piece of nature and put it in your balcony. To do so you have to slice the fragment of garden / nature into a modular pattern, so you can carry it piece by piece. The depth of the modular pots depends on the type of plants and their roots: the bigger the roots, the bigger the pots. The pieces can be jointed in a sliding system. The way the pieces are mounted is similar to an art installation and its dimensions vary with the dimensions of the balcony and the customer’s desires. The materials used will be corian and stainless steel (or brushed aluminum) legs. You can have picnics on it, you can lay down and watch the sunset, you can plant your favorite flowers or teach your children about environmental responsibilities. Your favorite piece of nature but on your balcony. Garden Goes Balcony Competition/ June 2011

2011, Garden Goes Balcony Competition Ideabook – with project “Piece of Nature”, Cologne, Germany


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