Aeris Mundus (4th Advanced Architecture Contest/ September 2011)

Aeris Mundus is a one and a half meter prefabricated intelligent flying robot. It is a hydrogen filled balloon covered with a special textile that filters and retains air impurities, cleaning the air it flies through. It uses electricity to power two small electric engines. The electricity is produced by consuming flies and mosquitos or other flying pests with the help of a fuel cell. Using sensors it feels the space around it and sends this information to other balloons. A pollution map of the city can be created or it can gather other useful information using the Arduino platform sensors. The balloons docking place is a recycled plastic structure made out of prefabricated modules. The nest produces hydrogen using a chemical process. The hydrogen is used to produce electricity and inflate the balloons. A smartphone app allows you to interact with the light features of the structure, transforming Aeris Mundus in an urban interactive toy. 4th Advanced Architecture Contest/ September 2011


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